Production material logistics

Solmaz’s automotive industry solutions are based on minimizing the challenges in the supply chain of the product materials.

Warehousing and distribution management

The correctness and accessibility of the stored products and their information is crucial for us.

As Solmaz, our aim is to provide you the necessary information for to control and manage your process effectively. It will help you to maintain the operations’ continuity by decreasing the investment on fixed assets and take action easily according to the changes of demand.

Vehicle logistics

Solmaz provides solutions regarding the complicated legislation of the automotive industry and certification and reporting process.

Shipment management and distribution services

The local and international demand for vehicles, product materials and spare parts changes in time. Coordinated, fast and effective solutions and operations are needed to meet the demands. Various combinations of our air, ocean and road freight services are within our scope.

Tyre import/export logistics

We have been providing services to many of the tire industry manufacturers, importers and dealers for years. Solmaz has the experience to develop specified solutions in corporation with raw material suppliers, main importers and suppliers responsible for transportation.