Ethics and Compliance System

​Solmaz is a trustworthy partner for its customers thru its ethical and transparency principles in addition to law and legal regulations. Our ethical values shapes our all values particularly “client centric approach” and “respect people, diversity and the environment”. We believe that underlining ethics and integrity is more important today because of rapidly technological developments’ destructive effects. 

We are performing ethics and compliance processes by Ethics and Risk Comittee that is constituted by different level of employees and directors.

Solmaz Ethics Guide

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Solmaz Ethics Week

We are celebrating Global Ethics Day, on 17th October by trainings and other activities during Solmaz Ethics Week with all Solmaz employees. In 2018, we’ve underlined that ethics is one of the core parts of our corporate culture.  

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You may also watch our moving video that Solmaz employees explained what ethics mean for them, click here for moving video.

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