In todays world, our competitive clients are looking for strategic partners to bear the brunt of dynamic market conditions and to support them in every step of the supply chain management. Solmaz has all of the resources to provide integrated services such as customs, warehousing, handling, domestic distribution, in order to let its clients to develop every step of their supply chain management, to satisfy their customers and to maintain their market position.

Our services

An example:

Solmaz provides Optimum Logistic Solutions for its client’s imported products;


Our retail industry services:

Food and Beverage


Textile means change, speed and competition. In order to be successful, lead time should be short, product and manufacturing quality should be high, suppliers, suplly chain and logistics infrastructure should be safe, deliveries should be right and complete.

Solmaz is organized to finalize the foreign trade operations of raw materials, intermediate products, accesories and manufactured products of the textile industry in a fastest way and compliant to legislations.

Solmaz leads the way by making cost analysis to its clients in the textile industry.

Solmaz also provides HS Code determination, certificate of enrollment acquirement, inward processing authorisation certificate (IPAC) acquirement and tracking, inward processing authorisation acquirement and tracking, outward processing licence acquirement and tracking, inspection certificate acquirement and tracking services.

Textile industry services:

Manufacturing product logistics

Solmaz’s textile industry solutions focuses on supressing the challenges in supply chain of manufacturing products.

Warehousing solutions

Distribution solutions