Having predicted about future benefits of electronic commerce, Solmaz reserved huge budgets for entering the e-commerce arena and finalised its B2B projects and investments which would prepare itself for the progressive competition. This allows for acceleration of transactions, reduction of costs and above all, finalisation of all transactions without any errors as communications take place without any intermediaries.

Through the Interactive Customs Clearance application, our clients can submit purchasing/job orders, can follow-up their documents, can monitor ordering processes in detail and can have access to elektronic archives that are kept for 5 years.

You can have access to tariff codes,duty rates of goods and relevant legislation immediately through searching word by word on the Turk Gumruk Sistemi (Turkish Customs System).

Fully Integrated Logistics project is the first and the sole project supported by TUBITAK-TIDEB as well as TTGV in the logistics sector. Solmaz aims to contribute to Türkiye’s efforts to become a logistic base in the future.

We are moving special B2B projects as well as printed documents and current customs transactions carried out via fax and phone conversations to the electronic environment. In this way, we will avoid data re-entries, reduce human faults and save time and labor.